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Walshy's Profile

Gone...But NOT Forgotten!

Name: Paul Walsh
Nickname: Walshy, Walshruss, Big Fat Idiot etc. Anything to do with "Fat"
Date of Birth: 18/5/68
Role: Sound Engineer, Webmaster, Promotion basically anything to do with a band except actually playing anything!

Fiddling with a Knob

1) Describe an important question you've been asked before? (Except "will you marry me")

I was once asked "Do you understand what I mean by the right to remain silent?"

2) Place a ONE word description against each band member (including self!)...

Dee - Talented
Rich - Moaner
Jo - Happy
Walshy - Takethepissoutofrichardwheneverpossible

3) Are you happy with your Band Role? You're joking! All I get to do is twiddle knobs without anyone even knowing I'm there half the time! We often get comments about how good the sound quality is for a Live Band....THAT'S ME THAT IS!! Never has there been a more frustrated performer than me! I wasted all my early years playing snooker instead of the guitar!
Getting battered by Dee...NOT getting battered by Dee!
4) What 3 things would you rescue from your burning house? Three bottles of wine.

5) Name a TV character that you would like to be? Gordon Ramsey

6) Name a TV character that you wouldn't like to be? John Lesley

7) Favourite bands:
Rush (I guess it's just their awesome technicality!)Cant play a note!
AC/DC (Blasts from the past and still Rocking! Great signature sound)
Radiohead (Sometimes it's good to be depressed!)
Beatles (Do I NEED to explain?)
Oasis (Say what you want, but music need characters like Liam Gallagher in this era of clean sterilised pop rubbish without an "edge")
Wilco (Great songwriting from a forgotten genre that needs reviving! Alternate Country!!)
U2 (Predictable, but you've gotta love a band that started at High School and went on to their mighty heights, Earlier stuff a lot better though, plus they really do have the "edge")
Pink Floyd (Soooooo innovative at the time! We need a breath of fresh air like that NOW!)
Led Zeppelin (Hated them when I was younger...HOW DID I MISS THEM!!! Luckily they now sound fresh as I ignored them at a younger "stupider" age!!)
Simple Minds (Not so much now...But felt I should mention the great times they gave me and a good friend in the influential "growing up" years!)
The Pussycat Dolls (Well......At least you can "knock one out" while watching their videos!)

8) What do you LOVE?Olivia Susan and Me! (We cant afford her any clothes)
I LOVE My wonderful wife "Diane" and our awesome daughter "Olivia" and the occaional dreams I have about Angelina Jolie.
I LOVE anything to do with food and all aspects of preparing, cooking and presenting it!
I LOVE movies as long as there aren't too many explosions or car chases...Give me a great plot over visuals any day.
I LOVE that Friday night feeling when you are on holiday the following week!
I LOVE opening my eyes in a morning and seeing my daughter before anything else (Even with a hangover!).
I LOVE it when Diane (my wife) decides to bring something to eat home from Marks & Spencer
I LOVE it when friends come to eat...
The Walsh's
9) You can invite 3 guests to a dinner party (dead or alive), who and why?
Bob Dylan - He's my musical hero, plus I'd get pissed and try and show off all his lyrics that I know....He'd love that.
Alex Higgins - Another one of my hero's.....Plus SOMETHING is bound to happen!
My late Mum - We lost her a few years ago and I'd love to tell her what's happened since. She'd freak out knowing she was a Grandma!!I was thin and Di smoked...How we've changed!

10) Favourite place you've visited? California.

11) Your favourite songs of all time:
Tangled up in blue - Bob Dylan
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
Shot in the arm - Wilco

12) Name the person who was your first kiss, also where was it (geographically!)? Louise Atkinson - In the Silverdale Church bus shelter thingy opposite the school. Took me AGES to pluck up the courage!

13) Describe a true interesting fact about yourself? I'm better at EVERYTHING than Richard.
Camping after a gig. What a Tit.
14) Name a song that you will NEVER do live that you would LOVE to do live?
Mr Blue Sky - ELO

15) Chocolate or Crisps (with examples)? Crisps - Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. (It's true, once you pop you just can't stop!)

16) What are you wearing right now and what time is it right now?
A "Don't Hassel the Hoff" T-shirt, Grey jogging pants and slippers! It's a Sunday night at 8:56pm!

17) What do you do when you arrive home from a gig? Grab a bite to eat, usually toast. Watch about 20 mins of TV to unwind and then go Bo Bo's.I'll have...Erm...ANY OF THEM!

18) What was the last text message you received? "Looks like we will have to hold some kind of auditions coz we have a few interested" - From Dee about our potential new drummer.

19) Did you shag the person in question 12? No...Unfortunately......But Louise, if you're reading this.....

20) Have you ever laughed at someone hurting themself (describe!)?
Yes, Peter Sellers in just about every other scene of "The Pink Panther!" Also, something a postman did in Clitheroe but I don't have time to write it here.
Sat on the studio floor in Canada
21) Who do you think would win in a fight between Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris?
Apparently they started a fight in 2001......It's still going.......!

22) Who would you most like to duet with (dead or alive)? Kylie Minogue......MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ASS!
Diane & Me
23) What do you think barn owls were called before barns were invented (don't just say "Owls")? Alan.

24) What is the best part of playing live? Being appreciated and making the night!

25) Describe the last meal you ate? (Now this is my forte!) Slow cooked Beef brisket in Ale with a reduction gravy, herbed yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and spring onions (champ), cauliflower florets and green beans in lemon & honey.......Hence....I'm a fat get! We had my brother in law round last night for tea, we don't always eat like that I promise!!

26) What do you look for first in a man/woman? Good Ass.The problem was...At that age...I didn't know what to do with them! (Also check out my curls!)

27) What was the last CD you bought? A john Grisham Audiobook - "The Broker"

28) Would you read out loud the yellow pages in the middle of Lancaster in a deranged voice for £50? Definately, At least I'd be getting £50 for it this time!

29) What was the last video game you played? Halo 3 - Xbox 360

30) If you were trapped on a desert island with a beaker, a straw, some rope, a dishwasher, 5 umbrellas and a huge scale model of nelsons column, would you talk out loud to yourself when thinking, or still think in your mind? I'd talk out loud......HANG ON....I didn't notice the "beaker"....In that case I'd just think in my mind.
Thinking about stuff.
31) What would you rather bee or a wasp? A bee.......Wasps are the skinheads of the insect world! Also, on a side note... Do "Wigan Wasps" have a B team?

32) Favourite film stars? Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Jodie Foster, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Peter O'Toole.

33) Which band member has the most talent apart from Dee, Rich & Jo? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34) Have you ever broken something and just hidden it without telling the owner? Yes, Once broke a bed in a Llandudno hotel (The Empire) aged around 9, didn't tell Mum & Dad until we were about 50 miles away! Dad went mad at me and turned around and drove all the way back to tell them.Why the shirt? Why the Tash? and Why the weird King?

35) What do you HATE?
People with no respect (Basically anyone in a Burberry cap).
Being ripped off again and again and again and again in the UK.
People with NO talent making a good living that should be based on talent.
Class distinction.

36) What was the last DVD you watched? Toy Story 2 with my Daughter!
Just a normal picture of me loading up for a gig. Nothing unusual.
37) Tell us a secret? OK, while writing this website, I was on the internet and stumbled across a picture of a naked woman...You could see her busters!

38) What question do you wish had been asked? "Is this the first time you've won the lottery jackpot?"

39) What question are you glad wasn't asked? "Do you wee in the shower?"
Brushing puppy carcass off my teeth.
40) Would you kill a puppy to save 3 kittens lives? Yes....And then eat it's still warm carcass.



The End!