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Rich's Profile

Name: Richard WhinhamWith his Fisher Price Ipod
Date of Birth: 09/07/72
Role: Bass & Backing Vocals

1) Describe an important question you've been asked before: (Except "will you marry me") Is it supposed to be that colour?

2) Place a ONE word description against each band member (including self!)...

Dee - SmallCN Tower,Toronto
Rich - Dashing
Jo - Smaller
Walshy - Dickhead

On stage in Ravenstown3) Are you happy with your Band Role? No, I should sing everything.

4) What 3 things would you rescue from your burning house? Wife, Child, Remington Fuzz Away

5) Name a TV character that you would like to be? John Holmes
Wedding at the Netherwood Hotel
6) Name a TV character that you wouldn't like to be? John Holmes’ co-star

7) Favourite bands? Kajagoogoo, Five Star, Shakatak, Slayer

8) What do you LOVE? When Walshy lends me stuff and I sell it on EBay

9) You can invite 3 guests to a dinner party (dead or alive), who and why? Limaal – my hero; Rod Hull – comic genius; Kelly Le Brock – childhood crush

10) Favourite place you've visited? Almost all of New Zealand
More chins than a Chinese phone book!
11) Your favourite songs of all time? Too Shy – Kajagoogoo; Especially for You – Kylie and Jason; Fucking Hostile - Pantera
Somewhere in Canada with a Gingham shirt
12) Name the person who was your first kiss, also where was it (geographically!)? Nicola; School.

13) Describe a true interesting fact about yourself? I would beat Walshy in a fight

14) Name a song that you will NEVER do live that you would LOVE to do live? Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dans le Sac Vs Scroobius PipLive on stage at Myerscough College

15) Chocolate or Crisps (with examples)? Crisps – plain Hula Hoops

16) What are you wearing right now and what time is it right now? Nothing. 08:15 hrs.

17) What do you do when you arrive home from a gig? Moan about how crap Walshy made us sound
Niagra Falls
18) What was the last text message you received?‘Thank you for topping up with 02’

19) Did you shag the person in question 12? Yes. I was six.

20) Have you ever laughed at someone hurting themself (describe!)? Yes, every time Walshy’s back goes carrying stuff

21) Who do you think would win in a fight between Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris? TLive at The Sands in Grange Over Sandshere is no form of armed or unarmed combat which Chuck can lose to any man.

22) Who would you most like to duet with (dead or alive)? Val Doonican

23) What do you think barn owls were called before barns were invented (don't just say "Owls")? There isn’t enough time in my life to bother to answer that
The defendant
24) What is the best part of playing live? It gives me the chance to carry lots of heavy stuff upstairs

25) Describe the last meal you ate? Chips, peas, steak pudding (and Jo wonders why I’m fat)

26) What do you look for first in a man/woman? Start with a background credit check
Live at Arkholme
27) What was the last CD you bought? Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
With a cup of "Tim Hortons" outside Westmoreland Studios, Canada.
28) Would you read out loud the yellow pages in the middle of Lancaster in a deranged voice for £50? There is no degrading act that I wouldn’t commit for such a sum

29) What was the last video game you played? Half-life 2 (again)

30) If you were trapped on a desert island with a beaker, a straw, some rope, a dishwasher, 5 umbrellas and a huge scale model of nelsons column, would you talk out loud to yourself when thinking, or still think in your mind? I would mLife and Soul of the party!utter inanely to myself as I always do

31) What would you rather bee or a wasp? Bee

32) Favourite film stars? Steve Buscemi
Jo, take that rubber mask off when I'm talking to you!
33) Which band member has the most talent apart from Dee, Rich & Jo? Liam

34) Have you ever broken something and just hidden it without telling the owner? Yes

35) What do you HATE? When I lend Walshy stuff and he sells it on EBayFancy Dress Gig. Looking like a right twat.

36) What was the last DVD you watched? Die Hard 4.0 (absolute garbage)
Sweating at the Longlands.
37) Tell us a secret? I don’t hate Walshy quite as much as everyone thinks

38) What question do you wish had been asked? Name 500 things you are better than Walshy at
Ali G in da house? No it's some dickhead dressed like him!
39) What question are you glad wasn't asked? What size waist are you?

40) Would you kill a puppy to save 3 kittens lives? My dog killing days are thankfully over