All our equipment is top quality and regularly maintained. All electrical equipment is P.A.T tested and labelled accordingly. We also have backup equipment to cover most situations. We also provide dynamic lighting for stage and dance-floor.

Dee's Equipment:

Gibson SG Special. Cherry Red. Electric guitar.
Takamine EN-20 Acoustic guitar.
Both fitted with Elixir Strings (10's & 11's respectively)

Yamaha FGX 412sc Acoustic guitar.
Marshall 60w JCM2000 TSL601 Combo Amp.
Line 6 - POD 2.0 Amp Modeller.
Morley Wah Wah

Richard's Equipment:

Marleaux Consat Custom Bass guitar.
Status Energy Artist 5 Bass guitar.
USA Fender Jazz Bass guitar.
BOSS Flanger, BOSS Auto Wah.
Russian "Big Muff".
Markbass 1x15

Jo's Equipment:

TAMA "Swingstar Fusion" 5 Piecet, Tama Hardware.
Ziljian/Pearl cymbals
Regal-Tip sticks

Paul's Equipment (PA System)

Total Power 4000 Watts main FOH. 200W Monitor.
Fully Balanced System.
3 x Monitor Mixes.

FOH Rack:

Mixer: Allen & Heath Mix-Wizard 16:2 DX

Compressors: Behringer Composer for Kick & Bass. Behringer Multicom for vocals and main system limiting.
Effects: "Virtualizer" dual engine stereo effects unit + Built in mixer effects.
EQ: 2x Peavey FLS 2x15 Channel for Main FOH mix and 3 seperate monitor mixes.
Minidisk: Kenwood Minidisk used for break music. Also back-up Ipod.


Amps: 2x Yamaha CP2000, one for subs and one for tops.
Crossover: Behringer Active crossover.

Speakers: Tops - ElectroVoice EV SX300.
Subs - OHM MR450.
Peavey PM12 Powered monitors.

Microphones: 2 x Shure SM58 for vocals.
Shure Headset for Drum vocals.
3 x Shure SM57 for Toms and Snare or overhead.
AKG D117 for Kick.

30m 16 Send 4 Return Multicore "Snake" to provide adequate seperation of mixer from stage.


Mackie 808s 600w Powered mixer.


NJD DMX "Datamoon" Gobo effect. Soundlab colour scanner. Blaze Twister. 5mw Laser. 4 Light Chaser. Smoke Machine. Martin Robocolour Stage spot lights.

System Setup: (For anyone interested!!)

All vocal mics run into multi-core stage snake. They are then connected via snake into mixer.

Kick drum miced with AKG D112. Snare close miced with Sure SM57 using rim clip. Overhead miced with single Sure SM57 on stand. (Sometimes 2x overheads used dependant on venue.) Mics feed to multi core.

Acoustic Guitar:
Connected to D.I box (Direct Injection) and then to multi core.

Electric Guitar:
Connected direct to Marshall 60w combo amp. Amp is close miced and fed via multi core to mixer for FOH sound. As is usual with a guitarist, he has his amp too loud!

Bass Guitar:
Pretty much set up as a standard backline utilising effects pedals etc into the MarkBass combo. However a DI feed is fed from the combo via multi core to mixer for some extra control.

3x seperate monitor feeds are sent via AUX Sends to each powered stage monitor. The signals pass through their own EQ first to help eliminate feedback.
2x effects engines are used. The built in effects on the MixWiz desk are used to provide "Delay" effects to vocals. These can easily be adjusted on the fly for dynamic effects (If the soundman is sober). The other effect is an outboard "Virtualizer" effects unit which is used to provide the "Reverb" effect. This is connected via a dedicated Aux Send. Reverb is then set via an Aux Send knob on each channel concerned.
Compressors are used on channel inserts for Dee's vocal, Jo's vocal, Bass, Kick and Snare.
Channel EQ's are mainly setup to be sympathetic to Dee's lead vocal, meaning that they are "scooped" to allow his vocal clean sonic space to breath! Low frequency roll-off is utilised on all channels except Bass guitar and Kick.

A mono signal is fed from the output of the mixer via a multicore return to the amplifiers on stage. The signal is split by an active crossover set at around 120Hz. This means that everything below 120Hz is routed to the subs and everything above is fed to the tops. We use 2x Yamaha CP2000 amplifiers. One amp is used for the top speakers (EV's) and one for the bottoms (Subs). The top speakers receive 450W each. The amp for the subs is bridged providing a wacking 1000W each cabinet giving a nice "thump"!

Stage Lighting:
The 3000w "Icolour" stage lighting system is DMX controlled via multi core to Lighting control box located at the mixer.
Disco, dancefloor lights are all set on "Sound to Light" for ease of operation.

Gibson SG SpecialTakamine EN-20Yamaha FGX 412sc
Marshall 60wMorley Wah WahPOD 2.0
Marleaux Consat CustomStatus Energy Artist 5Status Energy Artist 5USA Fender Jazz
Effects PedalsMarkBass Bass Amp
Tama Swingstar
MixerFOH Rack
Yamaha CP2000 AmpEV SX300 SpeakerOHM MR450 Subwoofer
Mackie 808s
Disco & Stage Lights