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Dee's Profile
I'll Guarantee he didn't tie his own tie!
Name: David Spowart
Nickname: Dee
Date of Birth: 28/06/76
Role: Lead Vocals & Guitar

1) Describe an important question you've been asked before: (Except "will you marry me") What did you call me?
Knocking one out (I mean a song!)
2) Place a ONE word description against each band member (including self!)...All Together Now...AAWWWWWWW!

Dee - Underestimated
Rich - Moody
Jo - Teacherish
Walshy - Professional

3) Are you happy with your Band Role? Yes

4)What 3 things would you rescue from your burning house? Contact Lenses, Car Keys, Wallet
Dee just being "Dee"!
5) Name a TV character that you would like to be? John Craven

6) Name a TV character that you wouldn't like to be? John McLain

7)Favourite bands? Stereophonics, David Gray, Fratellis, Dave Mathews Band, Rufus Wainwright, Proclaimers, KT Tunstall, Kasabian, Status Quo, AC/DCYep...Dee knocking another one out!

8)What do you LOVE? Washing Up!

9)You can invite 3 guests to a dinner party (dead or alive), who and why? Bungle, Zippy & George off Rainbow. Because it would be just insane!!

10)Favourite place you've visited? Crail, Anstruther and Pittenweem.
What Rock n Roll stars do...
11) Your favourite songs of all time? Babylon - David Gray, Set Me Free - N Trance, Local Boy - Stereophonics, Purple Rain - Prince

12)Name the person who was your first kiss, also where was it (geographically!)? Francis Ash.

13) Describe a true interesting fact about yourself? I had my stomach pumped when I was 9 years old due to an excess amount of Bacardi!
Dee knocking one out in front of his sister.
14) Name a song that you will NEVER do live that you would LOVE to do live? I'm too sexy - Right Said Fred.

15)Chocolate or Crisps (with examples)? Chocolate - Crunchie or anything else with chocolate in it!!

16) What are you wearing right now and what time is it right now? PJ Bottoms, I'm in bed, 22:42
Some unknown venue?
17) What do you do when you arrive home from a gig? Unload the car, have abeer and reflect on the evenings performance, hoping you have made a few folk happy.

18)What was the last text message you received? Just to let you know, a re-run on dvd will be shown of Elementary Penguins' last gig at The Lounge on Saturday.

19)Did you shag the person in question 12? No I was 11.

20)Have you ever laughed at someone hurting themself (describe!)? Yeah, Walshy trying to breakdance drunk and basically headbutting the floor!!

21)Who do you think would win in a fight between Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris? Do I care?
Smoke on the Water...
22)Who would you most like to duet with (dead or alive)? KT Tunstall or DavidGray.

23) What do you think barn owls were called before barns were invented (don't just say "Owls")? Sheffield Wednesday!?

24)What is the best part of playing live? Watching people sing along.

25)Describe the last meal you ate? Waffles, SaLaurel & Hardyusages and Peas with a dash of Tommy K.

26)What do you look for first in a man/woman? Everything.The Longlands Hotel

27)What was the last CD you bought? Pull the Pin - Stereophonics.

28)Would you read out loud the yellow pages in the middle of Lancaster in a deranged voice for £50? No, I don't own a copy of the Yellow Pages.

29) What was the last video game you played? Pro - Evo Soccer 5.

30) If you were trapped on a desert island with a beaker, a straw, some rope, a dishwasher, 5 umbrellas and a huge scale model of nelsons column, would you talk out loud to yourself when thinking, or still think in your mind? Depends if I was in a good mood.

31)What would you rather bee or a wasp? What a stupid question!
Nether Kellet
32)Favourite film stars? Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Mike Myers.

33)Which band member has the most talent apart from Dee, Rich & Jo? Graham Cummings.
Live at "The Sands"
34)Have you ever broken something and just hidden it without telling the owner? No, but I once pooed myself in my primary school corridor and kicked it all the way to the toilets and hid it under tyhe sink!!

35)What do you HATE? Drying Up

36) What was the last DVD you watched? Jackass 2

37)Tell us a secret? I still lock the toilet door when havinga No 2 even if I'm the only one in!!
Ha! Look at Richard's silly little hat!!
38) What question do you wish had been asked? How long have you played guitar?
Awesome vocal performance (As Usual!)
39) What question are you glad wasn't asked? How long have you played guitar?

40)Would you kill a puppy to save 3 kittens lives? I would keep the puppy due to cheaper maintenance bills.

The End!